Where is the coffee!?

Git CLI Pager Behavior Oddity

Observing and fixing different default behaviors in the git cli tools.

Consuming Ansible Roles for Fun and Profit (but really just for fun with OpenVPN)

Having the ability to stand up a utility in 5 minutes is just an incredible thing to experience

Disk Enumeration Behavior with OpenStack Nova and Libvirt+KVM

Observing interesting behaviors in attaching volumes to resized instances.

A Minimalist Aesthetic in iTerm2

A minimalist, visually-appealing configuration for iTerm2

Parsing Arguments in Code with argparse

Parse arguments not necessarily passed in via the command line

Simple Sublime Text 2 Install in Fedora 24

Quick Notes for integrated Sublime Text 2 with an RPM Distribution of Linux using Gnome Shell 3.20

Thin Provisioning fails with LVM-backed LXC containers with LXD

Enabling LVM-backed containers with LXD